CO-Extruded Sheet

Co – Extruded sheet allows more freedom in designing performance into the extruded sheet in the final product by using the process of pressing two or more materials into a single piece of the product.

You can create your own material to cater based on the requirement. GB Plas can make the Extruded sheet with the few layers for example A/B layer or A/B/A layer. But not all plastic are suitable for co- extrusion due to some polymers will not adhere to other.


  Tickness   Width   Length   Layer   Form of product   Color
  0.5 - 25mm   Standard 1.22m   Standard 1.83m or 2.44m   2 Layers (A/B)   Sheet form   Custom color
  Up to 2135mm   Customized length   3 Layers (A/B/A)   Roll form

Plastic Extrusion Application

  Automotive part   Furniture   Construction