Roofing  ( Profile Direct Extrusion )

GB Plas is a market leader for roofing sheet in Malaysia. We provide high quality product to meet our valued customer stringent quality requirement.

GB offers 2 types of roofing corrugation profiles, namely: Industry Roofing (5 grooves) and Corrugate Sheet (9 corrugations).


  Product   Corrugated   Industry Roofing (Trim Dex)   Greca
  Width   670mm - 1000mm   32 Feets ( 813mm )   810mm
  Thickness   1.0mm - 2.0mm
  Length   Standard 8 feets ( 2440 mm ) – 20 feets ( 6100 mm) or any specific length 
  Color   Clear or Custom Color


Besides the direct extrusion roofing, GB PLAS introduce some Hi impact Acrylic Roofing as per showing picture. It impact strength is 10 times more as compare to standard acrylic and will minimize breakage incident cause improper installation method.

As Hi impact transparence roofing sheet are durability, weatherability and chemical resistance.